Outswing Doors


Outswing Doors


These doors swing out towards the exterior and are side hinged. They can be used in combination with fixed sidelites, operable sidelites or transoms to create a variety of unique configurations.

Our steel outswing doors are classically narrow in sightline and elegant in function. When open, they draw your eyes to the outdoors and offer an inviting transition to the exterior of the home. Because of the exterior projection, this functionality best suit areas where there is limited interior space, window treatments or furniture requirements which would conflict with an inswinging door.

For doors in areas of high exposure to weather, a steel outswing door is one of your best options. Outswing doors are better for waterproofing primarily due to the fact that the higher the wind blows, the tighter they seal against their weatherstrip. In addition, at the door sill, the door actually closes ½” below finished floor and not above finished floor like an inswing door. This drop in elevation essentially functions as a water dam. The ½” step combined with a compression weatherstrip provides good insurance against water infiltration in even the heaviest weather.

Our swing doors come with multi-point locking installed. For a single door the locking has the primary spring latch and deadbolt along with additional locking points above and below the mortise box. For door pairs there is the same multipoint locking into the inactive door and the inactive door is locked into the head and the sill with concealed flip latching.

Our swing doors come with welded attachment flange to allow integration between the door frame and the framing of the structure. We show a variety of attachment solutions that meet most installation conditions. We also customize the attachment method as needed.

We have developed a variety of mulling conditions to group this product with other products. The narrowest mullions are combo mullions that transition immediately into the fixed glass of a direct set unit. When extra tall doors are needed, we provide options using tube steel mullions that join the fixed and active products.

See our outswing drawings for more information on mulled combinations or select a feature topic below for more information on all of our unique features.