For Jada products we have invested years to develop finish options that set themselves apart from the painted and powder coated products of the industry. Every effort is made to create textures and patinas to feature the character of the steel and enhance the architectural design.

Patina Colors


The true defining look of a “Jada” product would have to be attributed to our custom finishes. Years of development have led to our unique patina offerings on our steel products. It is our effort to provide a unique, yet subtle, irregularity in the finish that gives a sense of age. Inherent to our patina finish is a randomness of color variation and texture. At times we mimic the tones of a burnished brass patina, yet we are able to stabilize that look on steel. We have other patinas that chase the black and gray tones of worn steel.

The finish on our steel is a critical feature for the design richness and durability of the product. For each of our projects we offer a palette of patina choices. Once the tone is set, we topcoat with a satin sheen clear coat to add durability for everyday use.

We also offer a true brass product with brass burnishing. It is a fabulous look and a quality time tested material approach. Our true brass products, like all true brass products, require a more robust upkeep to maintain a desired color. Typically, the burnished brass finishes will change over time depending on their environmental exposure.


Zinc Coating

For our steel products, all of our components are fully zinc coated after final welding, drilling and machining are completed. The zinc coating is a time proven application that assures maximum product life. The method that we use for zinc coating was developed to apply superior coatings on oversized structures like bridges and boats to secure the protection of the metals. Our zinc and patina coated applications have been through accelerated testing and performed hundreds of hours beyond the "full life" thresholds set by the ASTM standard testing method.


Jada | Patina

After we complete the zinc coating we begin our proprietary patina processing to create the special colors and textures in our finish. The patina finish application is a combination of methodology and artistic sense. The craftsmen that apply these patina's have an artistic touch that makes each surface unique. The effort is to create a blend of color and texture that give the product a living character and warmth.

We provide a number of sample colors and textures for evaluation. Finished colors may vary from the sample colors as a result of the organic method of these applications.

Overview of Patina Finish Samples 

Tnemec Fluoronar Paints

For projects that require an opaque color, we offer Tnemec color matching in a durable polymer paint. Tnemec is the quality standard in Fluoronar finishes. The Fluoronar can cure at normal temperatures so this is an excellent product for use on other job site elements that need color matching on site.

Visit Tnemec web site for a full review of their product offerings.