Residential safety is a consideration in every product we develop. For commercial projects, additional safety requirements also influence the development of the product.

Commercial Requirements

When designing for commercial use there are safety requirements that need special treatment. We see our products used in commercial wineries and retail storefronts so we offer a selection of add-ons to our products to meet the needs of automatic door closers, single operation egress and ADA kick panels.

We work closely with a project’s design team to track, develop and implement these special needs solutions.

Please let us know of any special requirements you may need design input for.


Automatic Door Closers

When automatic door closers are required we offer a few selections. Because of the narrow profiles of steel products, there is not room for concealed hydraulic closers. We have approached the surface mount closer from a few different directions.

We have developed a solution for outswing doors with an interior mounted closer. When the door has transom windows above we are able to attach the closer to the mullion above the door. When the door is full height and close to the ceiling, we are able to attach the closer body vertically into the ceiling and hide the body of the closer. Both solutions have minimal visual exposure. We also show a more traditional installation with the closer mounted to the exterior of the door head.

ADA Kick Panels

For doors requiring ADA kick panels we build the doors with a 10" high bottom panel. Then we add an interior filler on the panel to flush out the surface per ADA requirements.

Variations in the design of these panels can be developed depending on your specific needs.

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