Jada swing products are produced using narrow sightline Secco OS2 thermally broken steel profiles. Our swing windows and doors are offered in a variety of configurations including outswing, inswing, awning, hopper and fixed. All of these functions are designed to be used in combination with one another as well as independently. We strive to offer a product spectrum which will match or “line through” in the frame, sash and grid patterns for a cohesive architectural appearance. Our shop drawings will demonstrate this alignment when needed in sensitive areas. Equal consideration is given to hardware layout between product types to provide visual alignment as well as functional consistency for the user experience.

Outswing Door

These doors swing out towards the exterior and are side hinged. Outswing doors are the best choice for weather tightness.

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Outswing Window

These windows swing out away from the building and are hinged on the side. Outswing windows are used most often in western architecture.

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Inswing Window

These windows swing into the room and are hinged on the side. Inswing windows are used when an outswinging sash conflicts with exterior decks or stairs.

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Inswing Door

These doors swing into the room and are hinged at the side of the door. Inswing doors are often used for entry openings and restricted balcony conditions.

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Awning Window

These windows swing out at the bottom and pivot at the top. The open position offers an alternative aesthetic in combination with other swing products.

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Hopper Window

These windows swing into the room at the top and are hinged at the bottom. Hopper windows are used in areas with restricted exterior clearance for sash projection.

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