Steel windows and doors are traditionally built as hinged sash operations in combination with fixed glass. However, today’s contemporary and modern architecture will often call for large expanses of operable sliding glass to enhance the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of these distinctive homes. Flat transition sills, multiple stacking panels, and matching screens make sliding systems an ideal solution in these designs. The use of pockets to tuck away the doors and screens into the wall cavity further adds to their open feel. 

Sliding doors can be motorized to assist with the operation of larger panels. All of the same divided lite options available in our swing products can be used and aligned in our sliding systems. 

In the steel genre, sliding systems are often the weak link in a product offering. An afterthought. From our 35+ years as a California custom window and door manufacturer, we know the importance of these elements in today’s market and offer a full spectrum of sliding systems that match the proportion, sightline and detail of our hinged windows and doors. Tested and proven, our sliding systems transition seamlessly with all our other steel products and truly complement the home.

Zero Gravity Sliders

This unique sliding door system allows for larger openings with heavy doors. Through magnetic levitation we make it possible for easier operation and a unique user experience.

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Top Hung Sliders

These doors truly glide. These sliders have rollers at the top of the door leaving only guide slots in the floor making this system ideal for seamless interior/exterior transitions.

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Bottom Roll Sliders

These doors take the weight off of the header and transfer it to the rollers in the bottom of the sliding panels.

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Lift Slide Sliders

Like bottom rolling, these doors glide on bottom rollers. As a “lift-slide” these doors have extra hardware to make them lift and glide when opened, yet provide the highest weatherseal when lowered and locked.

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