Thermally Broken Profiles


With the increasing focus on certified steel products, there are a variety of profile designs offered to help combat the ever changing world of thermal efficiency. For every company, the challenge in profile design is to create the best thermal efficiency while maintaining the best structural capability. 

The efficiency of the thermal design for the Jada products comes from the Secco profiles used in our fabrication. At the Secco factory in Italy, these profiles are roll formed from quality metals and the two halves are joined with a pressure infulsed polyurethane thermal barrier. Secco was the first company to develop a narrow profile section for the restoration market. Their design for these profiles have a decade of testing and have proven to be the most structural narrow profile solution. Secco supplies their profiles to select companies worldwide for each company to create their line of products.  

Each profile is designed for maximum thermal efficiency and maximum structural potential. A polyamide strut adds strength to the joining of the two roll formed halves.

Heat or cold come in contact with the metal on the outside and dissipate when they come in contact with the thermal barrier. Condensation is also inhibited when using profiles with a thermal break.


Roll formed parts are sustainable and require less energy to create compared to hot rolled steel and other extruded profiles. Secco uses sustainable manufacturing practices when they fabricate their profile systems.

Secco offers the most comprehensive narrow
sightline profile set in the world

Secco Roll Forming

Secco is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of thermally broken roll formed profiles. Secco has developed a creative selection of profiles for use in inswing and outswing windows and doors, as well as sliding and folding doors. Secco produces these profiles in a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, cor-ten steel and true brass. Secco has a 50 year history in the roll forming business and leads the way in the development of the thermally broken narrow sightline profiles. Jada windows has developed a close partnership with Secco and actively continues in the collaboration to develop the finest fenestration products for the USA market.

Visit the Secco website to see a full spectrum of the products they provide.

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