The design effort for any window and door project is complemented by the finish hardware. Consistency between the design and finish of the hardware in relation to the windows and doors is an opportunity to express the design values for the project.

Most levers can be used on our windows and doors. We have worked with a variety of companies to produce custom solutions for fitting our windows and doors with their hardware in order to match a special request or to match the rest of their project.

We offer, as a standard, levers and knobs from the Rocky Mountain Hardware or Sun Valley Bronze. Both Sun Valley and Rocky Mountain will produce custom levers and knobs to meet specific project requirements if needed.

For doors, just about any lever will work "on the flat" of our 8mm spindle. For windows, we offer a selection that have already been cast in a lower profile to clear a window screen.

Door Levers

Jada | Door Levers

Door levers typically will attach to the escutcheon that we manufacture as part of the door system. We work to adapt to the attachment method of each manufacture.

Custom escutcheons can be used from a hardware vendor. For this request, we would supply the vendor with a specification sheet confirming the size, screw layout, spindle layout and thumbturn layout.

Our doors are fit with a euro cylinder for the thumbturn or the thumbturn and keyed locations. Typically the thumbturn knob and euro cylinder will be supplied by the same company supplying the lever so that the hardware finish matches. For installation, the euro cylinder will fit directly into our escutcheon cut out, so no rose is needed for the euro cylinder. Door levers are set up for an 8mm spindle "on the flat."


Window Levers

Jada | Window Levers

Window levers attach to a 7mm spindle. The lever attaches directly to a fixed spindle coming out of our custom lock box. Typically no escutcheon is used for window levers.

Most window levers with 7mm preparation can be used on our windows. The consideration is the depth of the handle and the clearance that will be needed if a hinged screen is used. The use of roll screens located further in from the window will allow additional clearance and increase the depth of the clearance for the handle.

We are happy to discuss any of the subtleties of our system with the hardware vendor of your choice.