More and more we add technology to our projects. Motorized awning windows are available to remotely operate a window or a group of windows. Sliding doors can also be motorized. Both can be operated from dedicated switching or integrated into the whole house computer system.

Automation of the awning window is useful in areas that are difficult to access. Groups of windows can be run simultaneously to move air throughout a building. This is also user friendly for locations located near finish floor.

The addition of automation for sliding doors is especially useful for large oversized doors to aid in the movement of heavy panels. Automation can be used for a single sliding door panel or for a group of panels. Typically the "lead" door will drag or push the other doors into their open and closed positions. For more complex operations, a second motor can be added for additional control of the doors.

Motorized Awnings

Jada | Motorized Awnings

Awning windows can be motorized for ventilation. Awnings over 48" wide would be equipped with tandem motors.

Awning motors are chain drive, and will open the window out at the bottom to about 10" of opening.

Motors can be controlled by the full house computer system or by individual switches near the window. Typically motors are 24 volt dc for tandem use. 110 volt ac motors are available for single motor applications.

Awning motors can be supplied with full length motor covers or motor covers can be minimized to cover only the motor area. Motor covers are made from break shaped steel and finished to match the patina color of the window system.

For more information visit UCS Ultraflex Control Systems

Motorized Sliders

Bottom rolling sliding doors can be equipped with belt driven motors for full operation. Single sliding doors or multiple doors can be controlled with a single motor. Unique configurations may require two motors. Motors can be tied into the whole house computer system or operated from a single control panel close to the sliding door.

Motors are located on the back side of the jamb to either side of the door system. The space required on the back side of the jamb is about 14". Access will be needed to the motor space. Motors run on 110 volt current.

For more information visit Summit Automation or visit their video page for videos of the features of these systems.

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