Like never before, today's buildings are scrutinized for their waterproofing methodology. As window and door craftsmen, we take seriously the effort to create solutions for our integration into the building envelope. We understand that every building is not alike and we have a variety of attachment designs available.

Jada | Attachment Flange

Special attention is given to our methods of attachment to the building envelope. Wherever possible, we provide a full flange to lap onto the framing and provide a transitional element to interweave with the waterproofing membranes. The exterior flange is stitch welded to the frame and fully sealed to provide the water seal transition from frame to membrane interweave. The interior of the frame will also come with welded intermediate brackets to anchor the inside of the frame. We offer a selection of brackets and flanges to meet a variety of conditions. We also custom develop attachment solutions to meet your special needs.

We offer a continuous flange on the interior in unison with the continuous exterior flange to create an air dam when specified.

Our sliding and swing door systems have continuous drain options for extreme environments.

We are available to coordinate with your waterproofing team to assure the best integration of our products into your waterproofing system.