Outswing Windows


Outswing Windows


These windows swing out away from the building and are hinged on the side. Outswing windows can be built in combination with fixed windows, awning windows, inswing windows and hopper windows.

Steel outswing windows are the most traditional type of swing window in our Western architecture. While all of Europe has been committed for centuries to an inward opening window, in the West we have chosen to do the opposite. Perhaps it is the space between our buildings that allowed us to act this way. We have modeled the image of walking up to our windows, pushing them open and letting the fresh air of the morning flow into the room…

Our steel push out casement windows are fashioned with the user experience in mind. A simple lock box with a bronze handle drives the modern concealed multi-point lock to open the windows with a minimal effort. Concealed friction stay arms will hold it open in any desired location. Water and air tight, steel outswing windows are ideal for high exposure areas that require natural ventilation.

The casement window can be combined with any of the other swing products to create unique openings. Each configuration is drawn in our shops to confirm the alignment of the frame, sash and grid patterns for a cohesive architectural appearance.

Our swing windows come with welded attachment flange to allow integration between the door frame and the framing of the structure. We show a variety of attachment solutions that meet most installation conditions. We also customize the attachment method as needed.

Outswing windows can be fit for hinged steel screens or pocketed sliding screens. Our screens are custom fabricated to create a narrow stile and rail system to best match the narrow sightlines of the window itself. Window screens can have TDL muntin divisions to match the divided lite patterns in the window sash or be single lite. All of our screen products have patina finishes to match the window.

See our drawings for more information on screens and mulled combinations or select a feature topic below for more information on any of our unique features.