Hopper Window


Hopper Window


These windows swing into the room at the top and are hinged at the bottom. Hopper windows can be used in areas with restricted exterior clearance for projection.

Hoppers are your classic school or industrial look window. The hopper configuration is useful in areas with restricted exterior projection or also to offer variety in venting appearance or shadow-line texture of a project. When they are installed higher in the wall section they offer good upper air circulation.

These windows lock at the interior side of the head or top of the window so use in elevated areas may require pole access. Since they swing into the room, motorized operation is not available. Typically hopper windows open about 8 inches into the building for ventilation. If screens are needed, they will be placed at the exterior of the window. Similar to our inswing product, hoppers are not best for high weather exposure areas. These windows can be used in combination with any of the swing products to create unique configurations.

For hopper windows we use the same narrow steel screen frame that would be used on an outswing window. However, the screen will most likely be a fixed installation in a top and bottom steel channel. Fixed screens will lift and pull out to remove for cleaning.

When accessible our hopper windows lock with our proprietary multi-point locking. In the same way as our casement windows, our lock box tucks into the glass stop and floats out over the glass. Turning the handle to the locked position engages the lock bolt into the sides of the frame. When the window is too high to reach for operation, a surface mount ring pull latch can be used, but this will be a single point of locking and should be restricted to narrower window widths.

Typically our hopper windows are hinged weld on hinges that match the hinges used in casements. With weld on hinges we will incorporate a stay arm on the side to restrict the opening distance. When needed, we can also use a 4 bar side mounted hinge.

See our drawings for more information on motorization or select a feature topic below for more information on any of our unique features.