Awning Windows


Awning Windows


These windows push out from the bottom and pivot at the top. The open position offers an alternative aesthetic in combination with other swing products.

Besides their design value to offer variety in the product grouping, the configuration of steel awning windows is useful in areas where you want high ventilation as a transom, or clerestory window. These windows have the option to be motorized for remote operation. Another use is down low to the floor, often below a larger fixed view window, so that your screen doesn’t interfere with the view. Lastly, an awning can be wider than a casement so it’s possible to have a relatively large view window also serve as natural ventilation. Awnings can be used in combination with any of the swing products to create unique configurations.

Awnings have outswing functionality and are therefore very water tight and exposure is less of a concern. When designed into bedrooms, be aware that they do not typically meet egress codes for fire escape. Clear opening is less than a casement. Usually an awning will only project out approximately 18” so airflow is good but, limited.

For awnings we have developed a narrow steel screen frame with a custom offset hinge to hang the screen on the surface of the frame. With motorized applications the screen can be fixed in position on the top of the motor operator cover. These will lift up and pull out for cleaning. Pocketing or roll screens can also be adapted to these windows. All of our screen products have a patina finish to match the window.

Our manually operated steel awning windows lock with our proprietary multi-point locking. In the same way as our casement windows, our lock box tucks into the glass stop and floats out over the glass. Turning the handle to the locked position engages the lock bolt into the sides of the frame.

Typically our awning windows are hinged using 4 bar side mounted hinge. For a manually operated sash, the 4 bar hinge will counterbalance the weight of the sash to hold it open about 10 inches. Motorized sash will have a version of our lift off hinge welded to the top of the sash and frame. These can have matching finials to the casements if a custom design is being used.

We use a Vega motorized chain drive operator for these applications. These motors are available in 24 volt or 110 volt. Larger windows, usually over 48” wide, will have two synced motors for their operation. Groups of motors can be run together through the home automation system.

See our drawings for more information on motorization or select a feature topic below for more information on any of our unique features.