Zero Gravity Slider


Zero Gravity Slider


( This system is still under development for certifications in the US market )
Zero Gravity sliding doors use the newest Secco non-electric "magnetic levitation" technology to suspend doors above finish floor. This unique application allows for large, extremely heavy doors to move with minimum force in a friction free environment.

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This exciting new sliding door system (coming soon) has solved the lifting and sliding dilemma experienced with heavy "lift and slide" and "rolling" doors.

"Too heavy to lift… Too hard to slide..."

With Zero Gravity, when the door is floating in the levitated position, it slides open with minimal force. It is unlike any other rolling system. For the lifting action, instead of turning the handle to lift the full weight of the door, Zero Gravity hardware pushes the door down to engage the weather seal. The natural position of the Zero Gravity door is the “floating” levitated position. From this position the force needed to push the door down is assisted by the weight of the door. As a result, it takes substantially less effort to lift and lower the door compared to any other door system.

The hidden track system in the floor allows for a smooth transition between interior and exterior living space. In a Zero Gravity installation, the magnetic glides and guide rails are all located below finish floor. Only a small guide slot in the floor is needed to allow for the connection between magnetic glides and door sash.

The Zero Gravity magnetic levitation system “opens the door” for the designer to present larger openings in the architecture while maintaining a practical user experience. The novelty of this system speaks for itself. With the development of this peculiar geometry of passive magnetic levitation, we are bringing a new era in sliding doors.