Pivot Windows


Pivot Windows


Pivot windows hold a special place in architectural design. We offer a horizontal pivot window system.

The traditional approach for a pivot window is to center point hang it from the sides and have the top pull into the room and the sill push out. The combination of our friction hinge and a counterbalanced sash make the function of side pivot windows simple and easy to use. When needed, a surface stay arm can be added to hold sash in the open position.

We can produce side pivot windows as single squares, rectangles or even as ovals and full circles. Pivots can be fabricated as combo windows, as seen in old industrial buildings, where the operable window is surrounded by fixed glass. Our thermally broken system echoes the look of the past in a modern energy efficient version.

Horizontal pivot windows are a little less vulnerable to water infiltration than a pivot door and should not be used in high exposure areas. There are also size limitations for pivot windows and no screening options because of dual projection of the sash.

Hardware locking for circle pivot windows will be single point locking. Fashioned similar to the casement locks, the circle locking will be placed at the bottom center of the sash. Rectangle pivot windows will have multi-point locking concealed in the bottom rail similar to an awning window. Handles for pivot windows will match with the other swing windows in the project.

These windows come with welded attachment flange to allow integration between the door frame and the framing of the structure. We show a similar variety of attachment solutions for pivot windows that meet most installation conditions. We also customize the attachment method as needed. See our drawings for more information on pivot windows or select a topic below for more information on our unique features.

Jada Pivot Window    Jada Pivot Window