Pivot Doors


Pivot Doors


Pivot doors hold a special place in architectural design. We offer a vertical pivot door system.

These doors are ideal for locations where you’re trying to add drama to a space or where a pocket sliding door is impractical. These doors will pivot on a hydraulic floor pivot. The floor pivot is concealed within the finished floor for a seamless look. The floor pivot helps control the movement of the door as well as acting as a hold open and hydraulic closer.

Pivot doors will incorporate our concealed multi-point locking system, which ensures good weatherstrip contact over the full height of the door. Unless special sill drainage is incorporated, pivot doors should only be used in covered areas with limited exposure.

It is the double projection of a pivot which makes them less water tight. In other words, because part of the door sweeps in and part sweeps out, the weatherstrip will be on different planes and not offer a single plane of compression seal. Similar to an inswing door, a pivot door requires a raised threshold under the door for the weatherstrip to sweep against when the door is closed. Typically the threshold is stone or part of the hard surface flooring material. 

*If a throw rug will be used on the interior, the sill height must be high enough to accommodate the extra rug height. The specific needs and details of the sill will be worked out in the shop drawing process.

Pivot doors can be fabricated as single doors or as a pair of doors. On a pair of doors the locking is similar to an outswing or inswing pair. Because of the dual projection of a pivot door in its frame, screens options are not practical.

Pivot doors come with welded attachment flange to allow integration between the door frame and the framing of the structure. There are not as many attachment solutions for pivot doors as our typical products but we may be able to customize the attachment method depending on the criteria. See our drawings for more information on pivot doors or select a feature topic below for more information on our unique features.