Outswing Folding


Outswing Folding


Folding windows and doors offer the unique ability to open an entire wall for indoor/outdoor living while maintaining a more traditional steel door appearance.

Jada folding systems are built with the same narrow Secco OS2 thermally broken profiles as all of our windows and doors. Our folding windows and doors offer the unique ability to open an entire wall for indoor/outdoor living while maintaining a more traditional steel door appearance than a sliding system.

Folding units match our outswing hinged windows and doors, but, they differ in that they hang from the top track and guide in the sill. As an outswing with a draining track, they are significantly water and air tight. The challenges to be aware of with folding systems are the hanging load requirements and the limited screening options.

Other considerations are use requirements. If your door needs to have exterior access, design your door to to have an odd number of sash. With an odd number of sash, your last door sash will hinge from the track side and operate like a standard swing door. As a pass-through window, you would normally design with even number sash so that the last sash does not swing off the track and require a door lock box or a long reach to pull the primary sash in to close. With a pass-through window, it is also possible to modify the system for a flat sill but, the exposure needs to be limited as it will not be as water tight with a flat sill.

We offer a substantial variety of configurations in our folding door system. When using the most optimum "3 + 3" system, the center two doors operate as a typical swing pair. Or, when an additional lock point is opened, the three door group on each side will fold and slide over to the side of the opening. This example is a great system for day to day passage through the center doors or to be completely opened when needed.

The same divided lite options available for our swing products can be used and aligned for our folding door systems.

The swing door in any configuration will be treated with the same hardware functionality as a typical outswing door. Doors will come with multipoint locking installed. For a single door the locking has the primary spring latch and deadbolt along with additional locking points above and below the mortise box. For door pairs there is the same multipoint locking into the inactive door and the inactive door is locked into the head and the sill with concealed flip latching.

The “pivot locking” door is the first meeting stile over from the jamb. These will come with a window lever lock that will lock shoot bolts into the head and the sill at each knuckle where they are installed. The “pivot lock” will unlock to allow the folding operation.

These doors come with a welded attachment flange to allow integration between the door frame and the framing of the structure. Folding doors have a standard method of attachment. The design is driven by the tracking system and cannot easily be altered.

See our drawings for more information on attachment or select a feature topic below for more information on all of our unique features.