Hinges & Finials


Each swing window or door is "hung" using weld on stainless steel custom hinges. Each hinge is designed to receive a finial into a threaded hole on each end, if desired. Each fiinial can be shaped to match other shape standards on the project or a unique design.

Hinge Design

All swing products are hinged using a weld on hinge. We custom manufacture our own design for these hinges to meet a number of needs unique to the steel products.

Each hinge will work for a lift off sash, but also the sash can be removed by unthreading the hinge pin. This allows for the sash to move straight out away from the frame. Many design conditions in today's architecture do not leave room above the sash for the lift off function. Each hinge has a small amount of vertical adjustment. Sometimes a small adjustment can solve a clearance issue, so we have included this functionality in our design.

Each hinge is supplied with a flat thread in finial. When desired we can produce custom shaped finials to replace the flat finial.

Finial Designs

Awning and Hopper Hinge

Jada | Awning Hopper Hinge

Awning and hopper windows can be fitted with 4 bar scissor hinges. For awning products, the 4 bar hinge will cause the sash to drop down as it pushes out and the hinge will hold the window open about 12 inches for ventilation.

Hopper windows can also be hinged using the 4 bar hinge. An added stay arm will stop the window at about 6 inch ventilation when swinging into the room.

These hinges are stainless steel. Larger sizes will have a friction shoe that is adjustable to control tension on the hinge slide.