The magic
of movement.

house sketch
house sketch

This is a story about a team of craftsmen inspired to share the magic of movement with you - a gift for the holiday seasons. The artisans, highly skilled in the technique of handcrafting extraordinary windows and doors, knew that windows could frame unforgettable holiday memories. So they set to work, combining their time-honored skills and modern innovation to re-imagine static frames into elegant works of art demonstrating the magic of movement.


Working tirelessly, the team of artists created a small-scale house resplendent with windows and doors. Each glittering pane a dazzling demonstration of elegant movement. Like a music box or priceless pocket watch, the craftsmanship, Old World skill, and modern innovation of this marvel was a beauty to see, every door and window swinging, folding, sliding, and pivoting on steel frames.

folding door sketch

They thought of a mother, effortlessly folding a door open as she welcomed her children and grandchildren back to her home for the holidays. They carefully crafted the glass and steel, adding a durable, elegant patina finish as a final flourish, so the family could enjoy the beauty of movement for many holidays to come.

swinging window sketch

Imagine the joy of a child swinging a window out into a snowy eve, staring expectantly into a night sky. The craftsmen forged outswing windows featuring a simple multi-point lock, and elegant bronze handles that swing open with minimal effort. Water and air-tight, the swing windows keep the winter chill and snow at bay.

sliding  door sketch

They pushed the movement of doors to a new level by imagining even the heaviest of doors floating effortlessly across floors. An innovative non-electric “magnetic levitation” would slide open with minimum force, so even arms laden with presents could easily slide open doors to greet family members from afar.

pivot window sketch

Like the movement of a classic timepiece, the delicate hands sweeping across the face of a clock, the team of artisans created carefully balanced pivot windows that could open from top or bottom and allow for stunning circular frames to experience effortless movement.

As they completed this creation, the artisans set it carefully under the tree, nestled between presents and twinkling lights, with a quiet whisper of Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Join us on December 23rd to see the movement in action!

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